Suspended ceilings or false ceilings are the new trends in interior decoration. False ceiling lights can bring an ethereal feel to any room in the house. If you’re considering the option for your bedroom, then it is undoubtedly a very romantic idea. Hiring professional experts for suspended ceilings in Birmingham can help you understand the types of modern shapes and styles of light that you can install in the suspended ceiling of your bedroom.

Read on to know more about the attractive options you can successfully install in your suspended ceiling.

Creative Light Ideas For The Suspended Ceiling of The Bedroom

1. LED Ceiling Lights
Nowadays, LED lights are everywhere. They save the electricity cost and generate some muted glow that renders a cosy feeling within the room. You can easily fix these LED lights on your bedroom ceiling in various patterns to match the architectural style. Whether you wanted in a geometric-inspired spiral shape or clustered throughout the false ceiling – the choice is ultimately yours. Installing the same will make your bedroom a perfect place for a romantic night drink.

2. Hanging Decorative Lamps
Installing decorative lamps is the easiest and the most common way to decorate the bedroom. For people who are unlikely to get out of their comfort zone, decorative lamps can create a sparkling glow throughout the room. You can team it up with a table lamp so that a cosy reading corner is created within the bedroom itself.

3. False Corner Lights
You can also install corner lights hidden behind the false ceiling. These lights are available in varied colours ranging from Blue to Purple and silver to Golden. They create a perfect ambience for a cosy family to get together.

4. Backlight Panelling
If you want to try something bold in your bedroom, then backlight panelling is the option for you. You can choose colour-changing lights for the panelling option and install additional wooden panels near the bed’s headboard to create a surreal ambience within the room.

5. Pendant Ceiling Lights
These are old and traditional styling that you will find in most false ceilings. They add a dramatic hint to the overall ambience of the bedroom. You can either use the short ones nearer to the ceiling or the long ones forming a canopy around the bed. Choose the variant that blends with the bedroom decor and watch your private space turn into a masterpiece interior decor.

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