The Covid-19 pandemic has changed our usual way of working, and we commonly believed in norms. Work-from-home is the new trend irrespective of the industry or sector. Rather than concentrating on earning profits, the intense focus of all organisations is to find ways to keep the employees safe currently. Thus adapting to the new normal is essential when the workforce re-joins the office post lockdown period.

The most important fact that the organisations have to review is the amount of office space available for accommodating the employees, thereby maintaining social distancing norms. Thus, the time has come for office refurbishments. While doing so, organisations have to be highly creative!

Keeping The Adaptive Workspace In Mind, The Following Tips Might Be Effective In The Coming Days.

Review Office Adaptive Workspace

Hire a professional to prepare a floor space plan for your office. Likewise, you can identify the portions that can be improved and office refurbishments to be done accordingly. In this way, you can get the most space available from the office. Use the same effect to build workstations by keeping social distancing among the employees.

Install Protective Screens

Protection is a priority keeping the current scenario in mind. Install protective screens and barricades between all workstations. You can use glass for this purpose. This will help you communicate directly in a touch-free manner.

Glass Door

Build Communication Channels

Now that the face of communication has changed, you need to make unique conference rooms for zoom video calls. It is also advisable to install inter cabin call facilities to discuss facts without any physical contact. Group meeting conference facilities are also necessary because the whole workforce might not be allowed to work from the office.

Use Anti-Bacterial Upholstery

This is a significant consideration that organisations need to keep in mind. It would help if you changed the upholstery of your office. The feasible option is to use anti-bacterial materials or wipeable materials for upholstery. Office cleaning has always been a matter of concern. However, now, this should be on the priority list. Using a wipeable upholstery material will allow you to clean the upholstery every day without damaging them.

Install Sanitisation Options For Adaptive Workspace

The new normal demands installation of sanitisation options everywhere in the office. Especially keeping handwash and sanitisers in the canteens and washroom is a must! Moreover, keep your employees reminding of the sanitisation options that they need to follow.

By hiring professionals like Martins Fixings Ltd, you can ensure successful refurbishment and structuring of your workplace to suit the needs of a post lockdown working environment. Our builders evaluate every detail of the client’s requirements and provide cost-effective solutions. Approach us to get customised and well-planned office space for ensuring the protection of your employees from the pandemic effects.