The design of a building structure depends on both its external and internal properties. While constructing a property, you must pay the same attention to your ceiling that you paid during the roof construction. Ceilings create an overall different identity for a property by providing an aesthetic touch.

The Importance of Suspended Ceilings:

False ceilings or suspended ceilings are the way to go in modern architecture. It can neutralise the height of your room, make it more welcoming and give an aesthetic vibe. You can customise the design as per your requirements or liking.

Unique Designs for Suspended Ceilings to Try:

Designing suspended ceilings is a task that only experts should perform. If you are collaborating with someone with vast experience, here are some ideas you may try.

  • Cut Out: To offer a modern touch to your regularly designed room, try incorporating cut-out ceilings. It is chic, trendy and customisable at the same time. It can be a perfect design for wide spaces, like the bedroom, living room or conference room. You can ask your designer to add a specific shape for the cut-out ceiling to make the space look more appealing.
  • Coffered: If creative designs attract you, the coffered ceiling is the right option to try. In this design, the ceiling is divided into smaller squares, emulating the look of a traditional ballroom. You can also experiment with the lighting arrangement of the room. The coffered suspended ceiling will definitely give you a unique look that fulfils your wish of making the room more royal.
  • Suspended Island: It is one of the most subtle, elegant, yet modern ways of designing a suspended ceiling. No matter how wide your ceiling space is, this design can be a perfect match. This design incorporates a touch of elegance to the room, which is one of the prominent choices for bedrooms. You can experiment with the lighting to make the property look more appealing.
  • Extended Panel: This is a modern-day suspended ceiling design that you can incorporate into residential and commercial designs. The design automatically transforms the overall look and feel of your property. You can top the design up with a classic finish.

These are a few unique suspended ceiling designs that you must try on your property. To get quality help installing them, you can collaborate with a trusted source like Martins Fixings. We provide complete turnkey solutions for false ceiling designs and other refurbishment requirements. For more information, you can visit our website.