These times of the Covid 19 pandemic has largely impacted societies and economies all across the world. While the impact is unprecedented, people have learned and inculcated some good habits that are majorly working to their advantage. These include staying safe, clean and hygienic all the time. As the protocol demands people to maintain social distancing and avoid gathering demands, offices have started rethinking their design and features. Consequently, this is proving to be a worrying headache for most people in business. In an uncertain financial world, refurbishing the office space is quite difficult, and doing nothing for the employees is also not a good option.

Common Recommended Steps to Work Safely in Office

  • Carrying out Covid risk assessment and sharing the results with the employees
  • Establish a systematic procedure of cleaning, hand-washing and safe toilet usage for the employees
  • Encourage people to follow appropriate cleanliness guidelines, use hand sanitisers, and also maintain washroom cleanliness.
  • Frequently cleaning and disinfecting objects and hard surfaces, doorknobs inside the office.
  • Please make arrangements for work from home, ensuring they have proper working equipment like laptops, internet connections etc.
  • Maintain strict social distancing and avoid sharing employee workstation
  • Mandatory usage of masks and screens to limit transmission risk

Office Refurbishment

Office Refurbishment Ideas For Covid 19 Safety

Spacing out desks and furniture

Given the gravity of the situation, offices should undertake this essential step immediately. They should focus on changing the oot traffic pattern through furniture distancing and adding plastic shielding, besides re-thinking about modifying the office layout. Start by modifying and re-doing the adjustment and arrangement of seats, workstations and furniture, ensuring that a social distancing of 6 feet is there between every employee. You can also consult a professional refurbishment company, who can help you relocate and space out every desk and chair so that work is not staggered. Offices should also modify their design for wholesome ventilation for free flow of air and limit the spread of the virus.

Create temperature checking stations

The CDC recommends that every office consider conducting daily health checkups for the employees in a separate station. Here maintaining strict social distancing guidelines and installing physical barriers is highly crucial. If possible, they can conduct employee temperature checks at the outdoor locations, with help from the professional refurbishment company, to design the area with glass partitioning or build separate cubicles.

Bathroom refurbishment

In the public toilets and washrooms, you should make arrangements for more sinks, hand washing equipment and sanitisation should be a priority. Depending on the size and number of employees at the office, the sink and toilet facility should be there so that employees have ample opportunities to keep themselves clean while maintaining social distance and hygiene. You can also ask the professionals to install portable sinks, re-model handwashing stations with sanitiser stands and wipe dispensers for added safety.

Adjustments in Dining Area layout

It is crucial to ensure that the place where the employees eat is contaminated. The office should implement layout based changes by spacing out chairs and tables, also installing physical barriers in between if needed. The office should also limit the number of people who can sit down to eat together, at the same place. You can begin by adjusting the dining tables and putting an estimated number of chairs together to keep in mind proper safety guidelines.

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