Suspended Ceilings - Industrial Refurbishment

The suspended ceilings, also known as the drop ceilings, is commonly utilised in commercial and industrial buildings. The main purpose is to use the neglected space since it delivers high practicality and functionality. Being an integral part of the overall building architecture, it also makes the ceiling look aesthetically pleasing. 

Consult the professional company to install suspended ceilings at your workplace or home.  It is a cost-effective solution that you can use to hide structural components like cables, pipe ducts, and electric wires and keep them out of sight. You can transform an ordinary basement into a stunning room by concealing the flaws and ensuring more safety. 

The Major Benefits of Installing Suspended Ceilings

Easy to Install

While doing renovation work, you would always want minimal disruption and intrusion in your everyday life. Suspended ceilings let you achieve this as the entire procedure is quick and smooth.  Installing them is neither time consuming nor tormenting to the ears. Instead, the experienced professionals assure to complete the whole project within a stipulated time period. You can do research and purchase the required materials. It will reduce the cost for commercial installers and building owners. We also suggest you hire licensed installers who can do the work efficiently and maintain safety.  

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 Suspended Ceilings are Soundproof

Compared to plasterboard or drywall ceilings, you can install suspended ceilings to improve the room’s noise insulation. It helps keep the premise soundproof and repels external sound pollution. You can hire expert installers for this purpose which will effectively ensure that you get peace at your home or workplace. 

 Moisture Resistance

Suspended ceilings are popular in areas that have high humidity content. These ceiling types are moisture-resistant and repel the growth of bacteria. It also eliminates mould formation or sagging.   You can install suspended ceilings at kitchens or bathroom where hygiene is essential. Some of the ceiling tiles are specially coated and designed with antimicrobial material to stop bacterial and mould growth. 

Suspended Ceilings are Energy Efficiency

Suspended ceilings provide exceptional insulation properties since it lowers the height of the roof. This leaves less space to heat up, which automatically reduces the energy bills. The white ceiling panels make for a reflective surface that emanates more light to the room and creates the illusion of maximised space. 

 Conceal Flaws

After installing the suspended ceiling, you can effortlessly conceal all the imperfections that exist on the actual ceilings. You can notice water stains, cracks, pipes and wires, ductwork and other stuff which look unpleasant to the eyes. Instead of spending a large amount of money rectifying them, you can change the room ceiling to the suspended ones.  Further, it allows easy installation of the lights and other overhead electrical appliances. 

 At Martinsfixings, we provide comprehensive turnkey solutions for commercial and industrial refurbishment. Our qualified team provide high standard suspended ceiling installation service at affordable price rates.