Office partitions help customise the workplace innovatively. These structures boost work productivity while also giving privacy and security to the employees. Additionally, they serve the extension needs of the business. You can choose from the different types of partition panels that are available today. Each has distinct properties and characteristics. They are less expensive than building permanent walls.    

Various Kinds Of Office Partitions

Glass Office Partitions

Usually available in half or full heights, they are manufactured from glass with aluminium frames. Owing to its stylish makeover and simplicity, people prefer installing them in the offices. Its primary feature is noise reduction and light reflection. You can cover them with Venetian blinds for added privacy and also opt for customisations. 

Solid Partitions 

Solid Partition types are applied in the office premises for maximum privacy and discretion. From floor to ceilings, you can install them to separate large rooms into small spaces. Also known as full-height dividers, you can custom them to allow minimal visibility. You can install and arrange the partitions easily without facing many difficulties.  

Refurbishment design

Acoustic Office Partitions 

They are a preferred choice because of the noise reduction and cancellation characteristics. You can get them in a varied range of design options, like single or double glazing. The latter provides better soundproofing in the office. You can choose the right kind according to your business requirement.  

Demountable Partitions

Most of the office partitions are demountable so that you can relocate them wherever you need to place them. They are ultra-fast, removable and the installation time is also less. The employees can enjoy maximum flexibility as you can smoothly interchange them according to the business needs. You can do all your tasks efficiently without much hassle.  


These are some of the most common types of office partitions. Also known as half-height dividers, the employees can use them to do their regular tasks without interruption. Most businesses consider cubicles a safe and convenient option as you can alter the office interiors and configurations smoothly. The design consists of four walls, a door, and you can also customise it as per your preference. You can also allow enough space inside the cubicle to work without disruption.