An office washroom remodelling is quite different from renovating a home bathroom. An upgraded office washroom adds instant value to the property while enabling better convenience and access for the employees. It is crucial to formulate constructive plans before re-building the washroom as part of office refurbishment so that people can reap maximum benefits from using it. We also suggest consulting professional designers for innovative and functional ideas in complete compliance with industry guidelines.

Factors To Regard While Office Washroom Remodelling

Should withhold daily grind

Depending on the company’s size, you should renovate the office washroom to accommodate many employees. You cannot install a single-use bathroom in the office. Also, you do not want to overspend by installing ten bathrooms for public use. Hence, you should consult the specialists for the best washroom design ideas for appropriate utilisation and effectiveness. The employees will demand a clean, hygienic and relaxing washroom. This is why careful planning and implementation is necessary.


Whenever it comes to using the office toilets, sanitisation and maintenance of hygiene are essential. Germs quickly spread from the toilet surfaces. The office should enable no touch or no contact for employees when it comes to using the restrooms. Toilets, soap dispensers, taps, and hand dryers should be sensor-driven. Install low flow toilets and sinks with limited water use.

Bathroom Refurbishment

Employee comfort is also vital. Ensure that the washrooms are regularly cleaned to make space appear more inviting to the employees. If it is a large shared bathroom, you can install stall dividers from floor to ceiling height for privacy. Install doors with proper locks, hooks to hang coats or bags. Sinks can have shelves on the above. Check if the lightings are soft, embed interesting wall elements and décor items for aesthetic enhancement.

Lights and Accessibility

Bathroom lights can feel harsh, especially if the lamps are bright or there are fluorescent lights used. Instead, the professionals will recommend soft lights in layers. The colour rendering will be correct while emanating space privacy. Add the lightings at the back of the mirrors for an extraordinary effect. The floors should not be too reflective.

Accessibility is also important when it comes to office washroom makeover. The company should ensure that the disabled can use it without any harassment. Think about installing a particular stall separately for their usage.

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